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Astec - Nhật Bản

It is a culture device integrating a multi-gas incubator that cultures fertilized eggs and a microscopic system

There is no stress on fertilized eggs because it is unnecessary to export fertilized eggs from the incubator at the time of observation


Stable culture environment (temperature).It is specially designed for 9 chamber dryers. Each Independent temperature sensor in the chamber Control the special heater with precision Sample temperature control, stable cultureWe provide the environment.

Stable culture environment (gas). Adopted AGM (ASTEC Gas Mixing) system with proven track record in ASTEC dry incubator. From the built-in mix gas mixing system, supply to each chamber in a circulating manner.

You can freely shoot and observe specimens of the best class level 108 position (9 dishes × 12 well).

Built-in dedicated PC installed. We installed a built-in PC dedicated to the main body. The 15.6-inch touch screen further enhances operability and visibility, ensuring reliable communication with sustained and stable PC control.

If you have an environment that you can connect to the LAN, you can check the image from the outside

Attract images and related information taken with i-BIS and create a movie image (AVI MOV MP 4)

You can easily see the front and back images of the top and the bottom

Check the detailed image of the well and manually graph it in time series Display Score for the condition



- External dimensions (not including protrusions): W527XD845XH380 (mm)

- Dish inside dimension: 9 of LifeGlobalGPS dishes (60mm)

- Humidification: no humidification

- Power supply: AC100-120V 5A, 200-240V 2.5A, 50-60Hz

- Weight: Approx 60 Kg


- Temperature Control:PID Control

- Use ambient temperature: 24-28oC

- Control temperature range: 36-39oC

- Fluctuation range: ±0.3oC (at room temperature 26oC)

- Temp Uniformity: ±0.3℃(at room temperature 26oC)

- Main course: Silicon rubber heaters

XY stage

- Movement range: ±lOOmm (x axis) ±150 mm (V axis)

- Repeat positioning accuracy : ±10 um

- Maximum speed: 30 mm / sec

Z stage

- Movement range: ±5mm

- Repeat positioning accuracy : ±0.3 um

- Maximum speed:±5 mm / sec

Gas specification

Supply gas: CO2 gas, N 2 gas (AGM system ※ 1)


- Sensor: infrared sensor

- Control system: Duty control

- Control range: 0 - 10.0%

- Fluctuation range:±0.3%


- Sensor: ceramic oxygen sensor

- Control system: Duty control

- Control range: 2 - 18.0%

- Fluctuation range:±0.5%

Optical system

- Camera: CCD 1.3 million pixels

- Objective lens: 10X

- Light source: Red LED lighting


- Image storage format: JPEG

- Image storage method: NAS (Mirroring function with function 4 TB x 2)

External output

- Analogue output: temperature (chamber 1 x 9) CO2 concentration, O2 concentration SMP connector 18 pins (manufactured by JST)

- CLOSE at contact output alarm occurrence, CLOSE at power OFF, SMP connector 4 pin (manufactured by JST)

※ Each data of this product is measured by our standards.

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